Panic in murtad’s camp

2_1.jpgIn recent days a real panic reigns among the Chechen puppets, Kavkazan Haamash news agency’s source reported with the reference to the circle of ringleader of the Chechen murtads Ramzan Kadyrov. It all started after Putin had announced his successor Medvedev. Immediately after that rumors began to spread among the Chechen puppet government officials that Medvedev intent to get rid of Kadyrov.


Rumors intensified with the information that one of the possible candidates for the post of the main Chechen puppets of Kremlin could be Ruslan Yamadaev, the State Duma deputy and Kadyrov’s enemy.  This was information had also been reported by the Kavkazan Haamash agency.


As KH’s sources, Kadyrov’s close circle fear of assassination attempt on its chief, which can organize by Russian invaders themselves.


Kadyrov became suspicious. He trusts nobody. The suspicion intensified after the flight to Moscow of Kadyrov’s closest friend Adam Demilkhanov.


For fear of the possible removal of Kadyrov added the fear he himself be eliminated.


After series of pinpoint special operations in Jokhar, in several Kadyrov’s militiamen were eliminated, many murtads fear to go out in cities with the military or police uniform on.


In the last 4-5 days 30 people left the puppet structures, Kavkazan Haamash reports.

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