Several kafirs eliminated, wounded near Surhohi

3_1.jpgOn photo: Eliminated kafirs (Russian infidels)


According to the news source from Vilayat Galgaycho (Ingushetia) of the Caucasus Emirate, several Russian kafirs have been eliminated and wounded near the village of Surhohi, Nazran district when their armored jeep got attacked.

The occupation sources claimed that the attack was carried out on the road between the villages of Ali-Yurt and Surhohi. As a result of attack on UAZ jeep two kafirs were eliminated and two others were seriously wounded.


High-ranking kafirs were in the jeep – Colonel and Major of the FSB, they were eliminated (see photo).


According to the information sources in anti-Zyazik’s opposition the eliminated kafirs were members of the gang, which is deployed in the village of Kartsa of Vilayat Iriston (North Ossetia).


The successful sabotage operation was conducted at 11:20 am local time on the road Surhohi- Ekazhevo.


The mobile team of the Mujahideen ambushed armored UAZ with AK guns of 7.62 mm calibre.  Armour did not help.

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