Iran: Bush Seeking to Hide Failures

A009017215.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) The US president is striving to hide the thick file of his administration’s failures, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said in the wake of the recent statements made by US President George Bush against Iran.

“Bush’s remarks indicate his frustration and despair and display the feeling of failure he is experiencing in these final months of his presidency,” Hosseini said according to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau.

Hosseini also stated that Bush’s fruitless efforts to rally regional support for the Zionist regime of Israel have left him with no choice but projecting blame and responsibility for his failures on others.

“Mr. Bush should know that the deep hatred observed in the US, region and all throughout the world for his policies has logical and pragmatic roots which cannot be hidden and should not cause (his) valueless and repeated anger,” he said.

“In this last year remaining from his presidency, the US president is endeavoring to hide the heavy failures resulted from the performance of his own administration under the pretext of such hollow slogans as belligerency and occupation, promotion of terrorism, prevalence of global threat and insecurity in the last seven years,” Hosseini stated.

He said the statements made by Bush to push Iran into international isolation recall the hegemonic and colonial diplomacy practiced in international relations in previous decades

The diplomat said “such meaningless words more indicate a lack of understanding of the inseparable bonds in the relations and ties of regional countries” and show that Bush does not have a proper knowledge of the fact that the fate of such countries is not influenced by the unilateral policies of the expansionist powers.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and regional countries have lived in peace and friendship for a period several times longer than the US history and the firm determination of the regional countries and nations to consolidate their ties has always set a fundamental principle of foreign policy for the Islamic Republic of Iran and its neighbors,” he reiterated.

Hosseini said that the same misinterpretations of the US Neocons which led to the historical and unforgivable invasion of Iraq and other countries by the United States are unfortunately perceived in Bush’s statements once again.

The US administration has not taken the necessary lessons from the outcomes of the approaches which led to the prevalence of insecurity in the region, specially in Iraq, and terrorist and suicide operations by the US-bred groups as a result of the deployment of the United States’ occupying troops, he said, adding that the world nations view Bush’s remarks as meaningless and valueless.

“The US regime has always sought to continue its devilish interference in the region through creating an atmosphere of vague fear and anxiety among regional countries and maintaining a securitized atmosphere in the Persian Gulf,” he mentioned.

Hosseini said the Bush administration is angry with the logical and correct trend of the progress made in the settlement of Iran’s nuclear issue and is displeased to witness that Tehran’s case is rapidly leaving the political and illogical track into which it was channeled by the US.

“Thus, the US is seeking to disrupt cooperation between Iran and the (International Atomic Energy) Agency,” he added.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman advised Bush to give up the path of deceit and smear propaganda and show respect for the will and demands of the US and world public opinion, instead.

He also called on the US president to pay attention and take practical measures to ease up such sources of concern for the American people as violation of their individual and social rights and dreadful torturing of prisoners by the US security and military agents in Guantanamo and other CIA jails in Europe.

To conclude his remarks, Hosseini recommended George Bush to resort to logic and rationality in area of foreign policy in these final days of his presidency.

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