Protestors Shout Anger at US Complicity in Israeli Crimes

A00234357.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Tens of thousands of Tehrani worshipers here Friday rallied in protest against the Zionists regime’s latest crimes in Gaza and condemned US complicity in Zionists’ crime.

Wrathful protestors also reiterated the necessity for continued Islamic resistance against Zionists’ crimes while rallying from Tehran University campus, venue of Friday prayers, towards Palestine Square and chanting slogans against Zionists regime’s barbaric acts, brutalities and ethnic cleansing.

“Down with the US”, “Down with Israel”, “Reconciliation with Israel is scandalous and humiliation”, “Battle with Israel is the message of this nation”, “The primary Kiblah (of Muslims) should be freed through unity with Palestinian nation” and “Silence of any Muslim is a betrayal to the Koran” were among the different slogans shouted by the demonstrators who were also carrying pictures depicting the massacre of Palestinian women, kids and men in Gaza as well as placards reading, “Israel commits crimes and US supports it” and “Stop Slaughtering of the kids and women in Gaza”.

A six-article resolution was also issued at the end of the rally, which called on the international community, including the United Nations, to end silence and do something against Israeli atrocities.

Demonstrators also confirmed the statements made by the Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut last Saturday, and warned leaders of Arab countries against any support for George Bush and US measures, reiterating that the US is an accomplice of the Zionist regime.

Protestors condemned the latest Israeli crimes after so called peace conference of Annapolis and the Middle-East tour of the US president, and demanded Islamic countries and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to hold an emergency meeting to foil Israel’s continued atrocities against Palestinians.

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