Iran Asked to Defend Sri Lanka’s GSP Plus Status

A00681366.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Sri Lanka’s Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Sarath Amunugama appealed to Iran to help defend the country’s Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) plus status when it comes under review by the European Union later this year.

At a meeting with the Iranian Minister of Commerce Dr. Massoud Mir Kazemi and his delegates last week, Amunugama said that Iran should defend her friend by lobbying for the EU to retain Sri Lanka’s GSP plus status, the Island reported.

“GSP plus is very significant for us and it is important for us to defend it when it comes up for review. The garment industry in Sri Lanka is doing very well and even India is asking for our assistance. Two of our biggest garment exporters received 1000 acres each in India to set up facilities there,” he said.

Meanwhile, Iranian engineers have already been commissioned with estimating the cost required to construct an underground irrigation tunnel which will take water from the central highlands to the Hambantota District.

“The Oma Oya project will be the biggest infrastructure project. It will be a 28km underground tunnel and it can be a good symbol of the friendship between the two countries if the Iranian government can help fund this project,” Amunugama said.

Massoud said the project is estimated at US$ 400 million and stressed that the project will ensure the transfer of science and technology from Iran.

Farab, an Iranian company specializing in energy and water projects, will handle this project.

A spokesman for Farab told The Island Financial Review that the company was ready to commence the project.

“We have already contracted engineers and other related services. We are even willing to fund a part of the project. However, the two governments are still discussing the funding issues, so we will have to wait,” he said.

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