Iran Summons Norway’s Ambassador

A00681365.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned on Sunday Norway’s top envoy to Tehran over Oslo’s recent allegations and “meddling stance” on human rights conditions in Iran.

Roald Nass was given an earful by an official in charge of the human rights bureau of the Iranian Foreign Ministry over Oslo’s “wrong code of conduct” towards Iran, Iran Focus reported.

The Iranian official criticized Oslo for being “against the norms and human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran”. Norway was accused of disseminating “politically-motivated and fabricated news” about punishments handed down by Iranian courts.

The official also criticized Norway for its “silence and indifference” to the current “dreadful and catastrophic situation” in the Gaza Strip and the “systematic crimes of the Zionist regime [Israel] in the occupied territories”.

The Norwegian envoy said he would report Tehran’s diplomatic protest to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry in Oslo.

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