Iran Enjoys Top Defense Equipment

A00681363.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iran’s defense minister said the high quality of domestically-made defense equipment has rendered sanctions against the country ineffective.

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar made the comment Sunday at a conference on the quality of military equipment available to Iran’s armed forces, press tv reported.

Pointing to the US president’s recent tour of the Middle East in January, Najjar said the US efforts to push further penalties against the Islamic Republic suggest that imposing sanctions is a worn-out weapon against a powerful Iran.

During his tour of the region, George Bush tried hard to cobble together an Arab front against Iran, defining the country as a threat to the world, and urged further sanctions against Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Mohammad Najjar described as ineffective the US hue and cry about the country’s nuclear program.

Highlighting Iran’s defense technology, he said, “Our scientists and experts have been spectacularly successful in meeting the country’s defense requirements, proving that they are amply capable, knowledgeable, skillful, motivated and determined. They are able to remove any obstacles in their path and surpass other players in many areas.”

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