A pro-Russian coup d’etat prevented in Turkey

12_1.jpgOn photo: Organizers of a pro-Russian plot Ilhan Selcuk, Kemal Alemdaroglu, Dogu Perincek.


According to information sources in Istanbul Workers’ Party (Ä°P) Chairman Dogu Perinçek, Ä°P Secretary-General Ferit Ilsever and Cumhuriyet daily chief

columnist Ilhan Selcuk, as well as former Ä°stanbul University Rector Kemal Alemdaroglu, were detained as part of an investigation into a criminal network that calls itself “Ergenekon”, after a legend of how Turks came into being. 

The representative of the Istanbul police said:


“The group planned to organize a military coup, and threatened the constitutional order. They have links to the upper echelons of the power and the army, and divaricate network of supporters throughout the country. The police discovered a large weapon cache belonging to the organization. The plotters were preparing a series of political assassinations, including an attack on the Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk.”


The Prosecutor’s Office has already arraigned to thirty participants of organization, among them a prominent lawyer and a few generals. The violent coup d’état had been scheduled for 2009.


The investigation of the activities of secret organization “Ergenekon” promises to be one of the most scandalous in the history of Turkey and may cause seriously impact on the relations between Moscow and Ankara. The fact is that the plotters had acted in the interests of Russia.


All arrested in Turkey are leaders of anti-American lobby – in the military leadership, in political circles and the media. They advocated a rapprochement with Russia and counteraction to pro-American policy of Turkish leadership.


The center of the plot was Workers’ Party (Ä°P) Chairman Dogu Perinçek, an opponent of globalization, supporter of rapprochement with Russia and the breakup with the United States, news sources reports.

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