Putin ready to send Russian cannon fodder to Afghanistan in exchange for Georgia’s refusal of NATO

11_1.jpgKremlin ringleader Putin is ready to send Russian troops to Afghanistan in order to in exchange get the rejection of Georgia and Ukraine to enter NATO, Polish newspaper Wyborcha writes.According to the newspaper in recent talks with Angela Merkel, Putin offered help to NATO countries in the war against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. According to the Polish newspaper, Putin is willing not only to create a transport corridor for the movement of NATO forces to Afghanistan from Europe.


Currently the transportable transportation is often attacked by Taliban. It is the question of sending Russian troops to help in war against Afghan Muslims. In exchange for this, according to the newspaper, Putin has demanded two things.


First of all is not allow Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. Also the Russian president wants to participate in the NATO summit, which will take place in early April in Bucharest, as not a guest, but as a full member of the summit, the Polish newspaper refers to its sources in NATO and in European capitals.


According to the Polish newspaper, Western countries are unlikely to support the Putin’s initiative, the “Echo of Moscow” reports.

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