A press release by the leadership of the combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay

57_1.jpgOn photo: Mobile squad of Mujahideen of the Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay.  

An unskillful provocationnewspapers published a report, according to which a local lawyer Larisa Dorogova received threats from unknown people, who called themselves “Mujahideen”.

Those people reportedly sent her letters, appealing “to help in freeing imprisoned brothers”. Then they sent her a letter, “appointing a meeting”. After that the “Mujahideen” sent her a letter that said: “We trusted you, but instead of you, murtadin from UBOP arrived at the appointed place at the appointed time, hiding in cars and courtyards. Our reconnaissance team easily discovered them”.

Further, authors of the letter called the incident a “treachery”, adding that “spies are killed without repentance”. With the letter, they sent the lawyer an automatic rifle cartridge.

Larisa Dorogova is a Muslimah, who observes the basics and prescriptions of Islam. Despite multiple threats from kuffar and pressure from the occupation regime, she defends Muslims imprisoned by disbelievers, to the extent of her possibilities.

The leadership of the Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay declares that Mujahideen of the Emirate of Caucasus have nothing to do with the letters and threats sent to Larisa Dorogova. Special structures of the Wilayah are conducting an investigation regarding this fact.

We tend to think that it was another provocation by one of the puppet pro-Kremlin structures. And considering how “professionally” this action was carried out, the so called “anti-Wahhabism department” of the “UBOP” gang is behind all this circus.

The real state of affairs

The “UBOP” gang, also known as “the 6th department”, claims to be an intelligence service, although it didn’t carry out a single successful operation for the last two years. Despite overblown staff and financing, during all this time “operatives” could not receive and act upon a single piece of an operational information. In order to report something back to their superiors, the apostates have been terrorizing weak Muslims and Muslimahs, hoping to receive some information about the Mujahideen.

Regarding middle-ranking ringleaders from the Ministry of Interior, FSB, anti-terrorism center etc., they are now most of all concerned about dividing spheres of criminal influence, which began recently. The gang of deceased Valera Kokov is struggling for influence with the gang of current puppet ringleader of the “republic”, Arsen Kanokov.

This struggle particularly intensified after the death of ex-UBOP leader Tolik Kyarov. All this is happening with an unprecedented outburst of criminality on the background.

Murtadin usually conceal any truthful statistics about the real state of affairs, but this time information leaked. One of the “supervisors” of the Ministry of Interior from Moscow, known as Nedosekin, announced on a gathering of tawaghit from parliament in Nalchik, that “the street crime in KBR increased four times in 2007”.

He also disclosed other interesting facts, saying: “You rarely witness such beggarly existence of police. Divisional inspectors do not have transport, and the social security police has the lowest salary. People (police) leave their job in groups”.

With all this going on, leadership of different occupation gangs keeps insolently claiming that their main goal is “protecting peaceful civilians from criminals and terrorists”. The facts say about the opposite. Less of all they care about the fate of peaceful residents. Provided those residents are not Russian.

Whom does the population support?

After another attack against a kafir checkpoint in Hasanya village, local residents sent a delegation to the ringleader of the “Ministry of Interior”, Zhamborov, with a demand to remove the checkpoint, which exposes the people to danger because of frequent attacks.

They asked at least to move the checkpoint higher for 200 meters, where there were no residential houses.

Zhamborov refused to remove the checkpoint, because it would mean a total loss of control over an entire area, and would be an admission of defeat of the occupation authority in this territory.

He also said that he couldn’t even move the checkpoint, because “the people serving in this area, are already cannon fodder”, and if he would move them farther from the residential compounds, the Mujahideen would simply tear them to pieces.

From Zhamborov’s words the residents of Hasanya only understood that filthy lives of OMON (special purpose police squad) members from Nizhny Novgorod and their puppets from the local “Ministry of Interior” are more precious than lives of peaceful Muslims of the village, whom kuffar use as a living shield against attacks of the Mujahideen.

If the residents of Hasanya or other areas of the city really want to live in safety, they should not appeal for help to enemies of Allah. They should demand from the invaders to leave our land. Muslims, for example, can gather and without much difficulty close off any of the roads, blocking any movement till the police violence stops.

If the people would really support the occupation regime, there would not be any need in bringing to Kabarda and Balkaria gangs consisting of thousands of kuffar from all over Rusnya.

Ringleaders of the “Ministry of Interior” and “FSB” gangs recently claimed that throughout 2007 their gangs received more than 500 phone calls from residents of Kabarda and Balkaria. But according to their own confession: “during the whole year we did not receive a single call about activity or location of members of illegal armed formations”. About what support of the population they are talking about?!

Unsuccessful PR

Military and police structures of kuffar already became a laughing-stock in the eyes of the residents of the Wilayah. The enemies of Islam are trying to improve their image with the help of disinformation through mass media. But even this requires big efforts from them.

Thus, in the middle of April, during the visit by Nurgaliyev, the leader of the “Ministry of Interior” of Rusnya, local murtadin announced their “huge” success. They claimed that they captured several Mujahideen scouts, who reportedly prepared operations aimed at killing ringleaders of the “anti-terrorism center” gang.

At first the Mujahideen command took this information seriously. It was hard to assume that the local murtadin would deliberately delude their ringleader without fearing consequences. Commanders of the fighting groups of the Wilayah urgently gathered for a majlis and reported to the Wali about the normal activity of all scout groups and that they did not suffer casualties.

All became clear after several days, when a newspaper under control of Kokov’s gang published in one of its issues an article titled “The group is exposed, but there is no criminal case”. It turned out that they were talking about young men, who were abducted by kuffar as “newly discovered followers of radical Islam”.

Two of them are Caucasians, one is a Russian Muslim with the family name of Medvedev. A traumatic pistol and several hunting guns were discovered at their location. To be more convincing, kuffar as always added one hand grenade to the discovered “arsenal”.

But soon it became clear that the case was completely fabricated. “Gazeta yuga” reported that the “investigative agencies” of the invaders “were not investigating criminal cases related to attempts on lives of the “T” (anti-terrorism) center employees”.

Chronicle of events of the last three months

6 February murtadin as usually broke into homes of believers. But in one of the apartments in the airport area they were met by the Mujahideen. After seeing that apart from women, there were men in the house, the traitors dropped their paper files and ran away.

After gathering reinforcements, kuffar tried to surround the house, but the Mujahideen broke through the encirclement, wounding at least one enemy. Local residents were actively helping the Mujahideen during all this.

Among the Mujahideen was commander of one of the city groups Abdur-Rahman, who was wounded. By the mercy of Allah, the wounds were not dangerous, and after a week ‘Abdur-Rahman already returned to active duty.

9 March Mujahideen mounted another attack against the checkpoint in Hasanya village. A car inside of which two impious local residents drank beer with a police inspector came under fire.

Kuffar from Nizhny Novgorod who stood at the checkpoint did not even try to shoot back. Around 40 minutes kuffar were afraid of entering Hasanya, fearing an ambush. The attack against the checkpoint lasted around one hour and a half in total.

When the Mujahideen stopped shooting, armored vehicles of kuffar entered the village. The Mujahideen did not suffer casualties. Kuffar as a rule don’t announce their casualties.

It was established that one of the local residents who drank beer in the car with the “police inspector” was killed. The Mujahideen were not aware about all these circumstances, therefore they feared that they had killed a Muslim and wanted to pay the blood money (diyah) to relatives of the killed man. But, as it became clear later, the killed man performed the prayer in the past, but then he abandoned it. Taking it into account, and also his friendship with traitors, we decided not to pay the compensation for him.

13 March in the territory of the 1st city hospital, a group of kuffar numbering 7 men, accompanied by two local traitors, tried to examine identity cards of a Mujahid. The Mujahid was filled with indignation by the fact that the kuffar arrived from Kirov province dared to demand identity cards from him and shot them from his submachine gun.

According to reports of kuffar, one of the wounded was a local traitor. Regarding the Russian kuffar we don’t have the exact information about their casualties. It is also known that the kuffar arrested a young man who was walking by, put a grenade into his pocket and announced that they had captured the Mujahid.

This incident was one more shame for kuffar. The point is that their patrol was shot 50 meters away from the building of the puppet “government of KBR”.

16 March an armored UAZ with kuffar from Nizhny Novgorod was blown up in the central street of Hasanya village. Kuffar are claiming that nobody was hurt.

17 March Mujahideen placed a directional mine on the Urvan-Ushtulu road, in order to blow up one of the armored vehicles of kuffar. An error of a brother led to a premature explosion of the mine. Everything happens by Allah’s will and the result of any action is in the hands of Allah. And we only make reasons.

20 March on 5th kilometer of Kashkhatau-Gerpegezh road, Mujahideen attacked an UAZ vehicle (“tabletka”) carrying murtadin from “Cherek ROVD” gang to the checkpoint near Gerpegezh village. According to the information of kafir media, one “police” was wounded. The Mujahideen did not suffer casualties and returned to their base.

29 March a group of local residents unknown to us attacked the checkpoint near the 2nd city hospital of Nalchik from a Mercedes car. They were shooting from a traumatic pistol. The car disappeared in Volny Aul district. Maybe attacks against checkpoint are becoming a new popular amusement in Nalchik.

15 April, in Kanukoyev street in Nalchik, Mujahideen attacked an armored UAZ with murtadin from the “OMON” gang. Simultaneously, a checkpoint of kuffar near the 2nd city hospital was attacked with a sniper rifle. On their way back the Mujahideen fired three grenades at the “Leningrad” FSB sanatorium, where FSB henchmen from all over Rusnya undergo treatment.

According to claims of kuffar, “nobody was hurt” this time either. Regarding the sanatorium, kuffar preferred to conceal the fact of shelling. All this happened 200 meters away from the “Intourist” hotel, where Putin’s governor-general Arsen Kanokov had been living. That night a delegation of parliamentarians from Rusnya’s parliament was at the same hotel.

20 April Mujahideen once again attacked the checkpoint in Hasanya. An ambush was set up in the village in hope that kuffar will arrive to help their colleagues. But kuffar did not arrive. They just ordered by radio to take cover in the checkpoint and hold on till the morning.

Hasanya is part of Nalchik, but when darkness falls kuffar control only a plot of land inside their checkpoint.

On the night of 3 May in Nalchik, a group of Mujahideen blew up and attacked with gunfire an UAZ vehicle with armed murtadin. The operation was successful. The car was damaged and hit with gunfire from three points. There is no precise information about the number of eliminated murtadin. Kuffar announced that “two murtadin were wounded”.

Allahu Akbar!

Nalchik, the Emirate of Caucasus

Press Service of the Combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay

Kavkaz Center


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