Zakayev again praises Kadyrov and paves his way for returning to Chechnya

56_1.jpgRadio Liberty reported that former Foreign Minister of former Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI), Ahmed Zakayev, has once again made a speech praising the ringleader of Chechen pro-Russian collaborators (murtadin) Kadyrov. He stated that “Chechens are now the ones controlling the situation in Chechnya” and that “present-day authorities (this is what Zakayev calls Kadyrov’s thugs – KC) are defending the interests of the Chechen people”.Ahmed Zakayev refused to call Kadyrov a ‘national traitor’, but instead he said that “he could not act otherwise but follow in the footsteps of his father”. And the liquidation of Ahmad Kadyrov by the Chechen Armed Forces (the Mujahideen) he called “a crime and a murder”.


When asked by Radio Liberty, “But you used to call Ramzan Kadyrov a ‘national traitor’. Has he stopped being one?”, Zakayev answered:


“This is not my position, but the history has decided so that whatever they do, no doubt, this is the way this government will go down in history. Ramzan Kadyrov is the man who just followed in the footsteps of his father, he was 22 years old when his father was put in charge of Chechnya on the Kremlin’s order. Certainly, as a young man he could not act otherwise but follow in the footsteps of his father. And no doubt, he knows that this was a crime and a murder – who it was committed by, and on whose order it was committed…”


Zakayev also announced that neither him nor his supporters are fighting against Kadyrov or Kadyrov’s men, but they are only fighting “against the occupation force”. At the same time Zakayev was once again claiming that unknown anonymous sources, whom he called with an abstract term “power bloc”, are allegedly in Chechnya.


Former Foreign Minister of CRI has once again repeated his thesis that during Kadyrov Chechnya has become “independent and the process of decolonization is now completed”. And now the only thing left to do is find “the formula of coexistence with Russia”.


“Chechnya de jure and de facto has become absolutely not as much independent, yet the very process of decolonization is already completed. We will certainly have to find such a formula of coexistence with Russia that would meet the interests of both the Russian society and the Chechen people…”, said the former head of Chechen Foreign Ministry.


When asked by the reporter that if everything is so good and decolonization of Chechnya is completed, then why wouldn’t Zakayev return home, Zakayev dodged the answer and hazily said that he does not “fight for power”, but “defends the legal basis of the Chechen statehood”.


Meanwhile, while commenting on Zakayev’s words, Radio Liberty commentator Andrei Babitsky expressed the opinion that there is a “very serious and deep connection of these revolutionary politicians of the Dudayev convocation, which Zakayev, and actually Kadyrov as well, belong to”.


According to Babitsky, both Zakayev’s and Kadyrov’s men are “defending the same doctrine of the national statehood”.


Babitsky reminded that Zakayev has been praising Kadyrov for the past year and a half to two years in a row. So one can’t say that Zakayev’s statements loyal to Kadyrov are something new and unexpected.


Radio Liberty reporter did not rule out the fact that Zakayev’s latest statements are sort of a preparation to his return home to Chechnya, even though “Zakayev has said many controversial things about Kadyrov as well”.


In this connection we would like to point out that on April 25 in Chechen capital Jokhar (occupied by Russia) Zakayev’s envoy Hasan Baiyev (member of Zakayev’s group called “Euro-Ichkerian Government”, who is living in the US) met with the so-called “minister of culture” Muzakayev, representative of the ringleader of Chechen collaborators (murtadin/apostates). It was the first public contact between Zakayev’s and Kadyrov’s men. Prior to that Zakayev maintained confidential contacts with the national traitors (murtadin/apostates) through his trusted intermediaries: Tina Ismailova (nickname Tina Brusel) and longstanding employee of Russian FSB (Federal Security Service, former KGB) Ramzan Ampukayev.


We would also like to remind that after the Emirate of Caucasus was proclaimed last year, 5 people headed by Zakayev, from among the former members of CRI Parliament (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) living in Europe with refugee status, announced the creation of the so-called “government” in exile.


The scandalous confusion with the “telephone voting”, conducted by the 5 former members of CRI Parliament was said to be “the session of the parliament”, Zakayev proclaimed himself as “Premier of the Government of Euro-Ichkeria”.


We will also remind our readers that due to the subversive activities, the case of Zakayev is now being considered in the Sharia Court of the Caucasus Emirate, and the activities of the London telephone group and its leader are being investigated by the Mukhabarat (Intelligence Service) of the Caucasus Emirate.

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