Due to arrests in Spain KGB/FSB hitmen kill accomplices who knew too much

Due to the arrests of Russian mobsters from the Tambov gang in Spain, who turned out to be officers of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB, formerly known as the KGB), on June 13 the KGB agents killed two leaders of that gang, who “knew too much”, right on the streets of St. Petersburg.  

On Friday the 13th (of June) at around 2:00 PM near building No. 4 on Nevskaya Street, town of Nevskaya Dubrovka, a dead body of Gennady Urban was discovered in his own Mercedes. The body had traces of two gunshots in the chest. Gennady Urban had a previous history of criminal convictions.


As the “warden of the district”, he was receiving his “dues” paid by most of the entrepreneurs running small and midsize businesses in the district, which he was “sharing” with officers and generals of the FSB/KGB.


30 minutes later in the same town of Nevskaya Dubrovka, this time on Naberezhnaya (“Waterfront”) Street, a dead body of another ringleader of the Tambov gang, Alexander Boytsov, 37, was discovered in a Russian-made Lada-9 car. Boytsov’s body had a gunshot wound in the head. The same exact weapon was used in both killings.


Both of the “authoritative” victims belonged to the “Tambov criminal companionship” (as is assumed by the hitmen/officers of the Russian FSB). They both were part of the group under Chemist (“Khimik”), Vasily Khimichev, who in turn was under Mikhail Glushchenko (nicknamed “Khokhol” meaning Ukie/Ukrainian), who has already been living outside Russia for several years.


Back in 1995 Glushchenko was appointed by the KGB as a member of the Russian State Duma (Parliament) selected from Leningrad Regional list of “Liberal Democratic Party of Russia” (LDPR, under Zhirinovsky). He was a member of the LDPR faction in the Russian State Duma and an “adviser” of FSB/KGB officer Zhirinovsky on the city of St. Petersburg issues. Upon expiration of his “parliamentarian authorities” Glushchenko was occupying the honorable post of vice president of Boxing Association.


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