Russian kuffar to bomb Muslims from ‘Russian Orthodox bomber’

66_1.jpgThe ceremony of the so-called “sanctification” of a fighter-bomber SU-34 took place in the “Center of Combat Application and Retraining of Air Crews” in the city of Lipetsk, Russia.The airplane was named “St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker”, and the image of that Christian Orthodox saint was put on the fuselage, as assistant of the Center’s director, Vladimir Kahlenko, told journalists. 

According to Kahlenko, the “sanctification” of the fighter-bomber took place on the initiative of the Lipetsk and Yelets Eparchy (Diocese), The Air Center and the All-Russian Foundation of the so-called “St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker”.


Aside from that action, the Foundation is planning to give assistance to the Center in the building of a chapel on the aerodrome’s territory.


Russian commentators particularly stress that “St. Nicholas” is able to “carry out effective strikes on land, sea and aerial targets with the use of all aerial ammunition, including the high-precision equipment, in any geographical area regardless of the time of day and meteorological conditions”. The time will tell how it will look in reality.


Russian Orthodox bomber the “miracle worker” will undoubtedly be used against the Mujahideen of the Caucasus, and the “sanctification” of the airplane and adorning it with Christian and heathen symbols leaves no doubts about the ideological purposes for which it will be used.


Department of Monitoring,

Kavkaz Center

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