Magomed Yevloyev killed on the orders of President Murat Zyazikov

7.jpgIngushetiya.Ru has published the results of an investigation into the killing of the site’s owner, Magomed Yevloyev. According to the results of the investigation, Yevloyev was killed on the orders of the President of Ingushetia, Murat Zyazikov.
On 31 August 2008 at 11 am, Murat Zyazikov phoned the head of his security staff, his cousin Ruslanbek Zyazikov, and informed him that Magomed Yevloyev was on the same flight [from Moscow], and ordered him to kill Yevloyev.

Immediately, Ruslanbek Zyazikov took a black Ford Focus without government registration plates to the home of Kambulat Medov, uncle of Musa Medov, Minister of Interior of Ingushetia. Many people were at Kambulat Medov’s house to attend the wedding of his son.

Having arrived at Kambulat Medov’s house, Ruslanbek Zyazikov phoned Ibragim Yevloyev, head of security of the Minister of Interior. Ibragim Yevloyev came out of the house and sat into the car of Ruslanbek Zyazikov.

According to eyewitnesses, after five minutes, a red-faced Ibragim Yevloyev came out of the car and went back into the house, where the Minister of Interior, Musa Medov, was attending the wedding reception.

Ibragim Yevloyev whispered something into the minister’s ear, after which Musa Medov and Ibragim Yevloyev both rushed to the car of Ruslanbek Zyazikov. After 15 minutes, Musa Medov and Ibragim Yevloyev came out of the car of Ruslanbek Zyazikov and drove away from the wedding party without informing the hosts.

Musa Medov gave an order to Ibragim Yevloyev to put together a posse for killing Magomed Yevloyev, the owner of Ingushetiya.Ru.

Musa Medov then called in Akhmed Kotiev, head of police in Nazran, and gave him the task of identifying Magomed Yevloyev in case the latter did not identify himself inside the plane, and of faking an arrest. For this purpose, Akhmed Kotiev called in Dzhabrail Shankhoev, criminal investigator at the police in Nazran.

Ibragim Yevloyev called in his subordinates, suppressing the attempt of some of his staff to back out from being party to a crime.

One of his subordinates, Magomed Ozdoev, said that it was his day off and that he did not have a weapon, to which Ibragim Yevloyev replied that he will give him a weapon. Ibragim Yevloyev then took the submachine gun of the first policeman he came across and gave it to Ozdoev.

Another of Musa Medov’s security guards, Khavazh Aushev, was on sick leave at the time. Ibragim Yevloyev called him and told him he was needed in the arrest of a very important person. The Minister of Interior himself took care of other organisational matters.

After the capture of Magomed Yevloyev, the head of Musa Medov’s security staff, Ibragim Yevloyev, called from the car to the Minister of Interior and said, “We finished him off.” Musa Medov replied: “Throw him off at the hospital and then come quickly here.”

Many police officers and Interior Ministry officials saw how the killers, soiled in Magomed Yevloyev’s blood, went up to the cabinet of the Minister of Interior of Ingushetia.

According to Ingush custom, the blood feud will apply to all those who took part in the murder of Magomed Yevloyev. The list begins with the President of Ingushetia, Murat Zyazikov.


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