Mujahideen conducted a successful military operation in the village of Chishki

8.jpgIn a telephone conversation with editorial staff of ChechenCenter website, commander of Urus-Martan sector of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate Amir Abdul-Malik said that on Monday, Ramadan 22, 1429 (September 22, 2008), a unit of the Mujahideen under command of Amir Ilyas attacked special group of Russian infidels/mercenaries in the village of Chishki (Argun Gorge), Profince of Nokhchicho (Ichkeria/Chechnya).The command of the infidels has set a task to establish the control over the road in order to safely transportation of the occupation groupings.

Mujahideen destroyed one of such gangs, which had been sent to the village of Chishki.

Amir Abdul-Malik said that the Mujahideen have destroyed BTR armored personnel carrier and an URAL armored truck. During the gunbattle 8 Russian infidels, including the commander of the gang, were eliminated, a large number of trophy weapons and documents were captured.

An excerpt from the order of the occupation command, addressed to Colonel Uchigenov, was among the captured documents.

Amir Abdul-Malik read out a statement from the military order, in which, particularly, stated:

«Situation in Chechen Republic remains difficult in the light of the intensification of the militants, according to available information militants are planning mining and attacks on the military in order to continue hostilities. In this regard, I am order to set out a covering force on the road Stariye Atagi – Chishki … » etc.

Mujahideen destroyed exactly this gang, which acted on orders from its ringleaders.

Amir Abdul Malik did not rule out that Uchigenov might be among the eliminated infidels, whom this order was sent.

Chechen commander reported that the military situation in the mountainous regions of Ichkeria remains stable tense. Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate conduct successful military operations that are not reported in the media.

Thus, according to Amir Abdul-Malik in the last 3 weeks a series of successful military operations in Urus-Martan district was carried out in which infidels and apostates suffer casualties, but there had been nothing reported in the media.

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