Ruslan Yamadaev was killed

9.jpgBrother of the ringleader of one of the puppet formations in Chechnya, Ruslan Yamadaev was killed right after he had a meeting in the Kremlin with a top-ranked assistant of the Kremlin’s ringleader Medvedev. It was the reason for the former occupational commandant of Chechnya currently retired General-Colonel Sergei Kizyun’s presence in the same car with Yamadaev. Ruslan’s brother Isa told that his brother had allegedly left the politics and has recently been occupied with personal business and “with family and with raising children”.

However according to his brother Ruslan was still “worried” about the fate of the “Vostok” gang which he formed together with general Kizyun.

“Although Ruslan has left the politics, he was very much worried about Vostok battalion which he formed together with general Kizyun. His meeting in the Kremlin was about the battalion. Lately fighter from this battalion have come under intense pressure, some of them have been threatened and to others there have been made promises all this has been done in order to transfer them to other units controlled by Ramzan Kadyrov. And though all those who wanted to betray the battalion have already left, still attempts to influence the fighters have never ceased. And the threats are made more frequently now”, Isa Yamadayev told journalists.

According to his words people who were sent to kill two eldest Yamadayev brothers have arrived in Moscow from Chechnya some one and a half to two months ago. Yamadayev family referred this information to the FSB and the GRU of Defense Ministry yet no response followed.

Moreover, according to Isa, protection of Yamadayev parents house in Chechnya provided by the members of the “Vostok” gang has recently been lifted.

Ramzan Kadyrov was “dazed and upset” when news of Ruslan Yamadayev’s murder reached him told the press secretary of Chechen apostate’s ringleader someone by the surname of Gudayev. According to him “Ramzan Kadyrov has never expected such a development of the situation”.

Kadyrov believes that “the murder is aimed to destabilize the socio-political situation in Chechnya and in the Northern Caucasus”.

Gudayev acknowledged that earlier Kadyrov has been accusing Yamadayev of criminal offences. But as he told “Kadyrov’s principle position always was to bring Yamadayevs to court”.

“Extrajudicial killings are a violation of the laws and are not to be allowed to anyone. Those committing them should be prosecuted”, declared Gudayev.

It should be mentioned that Yamadayev brothers in recent years have been at enmity with Ramzan Kadyrov. Violent clashes taken place between the gangs of Kadyrov and of Yamadayev in the city of Gudermes in the April of 2008 in which both sides incurred significant losses.

Confrontation between Sulim Yamadayev and Ramzan Kadyrov has sharply intensified when it became known about Putin’s resignation and appointment of his successor Medvedev.

Immediately after there have appeared rumors in Moscow saying that after Medvedev’s approval as the head of the Kremlin, he will get rid of Kadyrov as of the most odious Putin’s legacy.

Assertion was that one of the brothers from a competing clan, Ruslan Yamadayev, had been viewed as a counterweight to Kadyrov and that he was going to be the one to be put to forefront. These rumors increased the hostility of Kadyrov towards Yamadayev, who stepped up with his attacks against the brothers.

In December of 2007 “Kavkazan Haamash” website with the reference to its sources reported that Kadyrov has sent two killers to Moscow to eliminate Ruslan Yamadayev.

Sulim Yamadayev is the ringleader of the Russian GRU’s “Vostok” gang, although formally he has recently been dismissed.

Elements of the gang are stationed in the Vedeno region and in the city of Gudermes. This gang, along with the “Zapad” gang (ringleader Kakiyev) as well as Kadyrov’s military formations were involved in fighting against Georgian troops in Tskhinvali last August and incurred significant losses.

Sulim Yamadayev took part in the battles in Tskhinvali although by that time he was formally wanted by Russian authorities in connection with the murder.

Kadyrov, the ringleader of Chechen apostates, has threatened to visit Tskhinvali and personally shoot Yamadayev when it became known to him about his presence in South Ossetia.

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