Ahmadinejad: U.S. Plans for Looting Nations Should be Negated

A05233315.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad referred to ongoing economic crisis in the United States here Saturday, adding, “World nations should remain alert and negate U.S. plans for new round of looting nations aimed at saving the ailing U.S. economy.”

The Information website of the Presidential Office as reporting that the IRI President made the comment in a meeting Friday evening with the visiting Zanzibar President Amani Karume who arrived in Tehran heading a high ranking delegation earlier in the day for a six day visit.

President Ahmadinejad referred to the two countries’ historic ties, reiterating, “Iran’s relations with Zanzibar has roots in the two nations’ cultures, beliefs, and histories, which is why we enjoy such strong bilateral ties that can still be further expanded comprehensively, relying on doubled efforts on both sides.”

The IRI President pointed out that the Iranian, Tanzanian and Zanzibar nations that are from civilization making centers of the mankind are blessed with the talent and capability to nurture and construct, adding, “Relying on expansion of bilateral cooperation we can take effective steps towards faster development of our countries.”

He noted that experience shows that the big powers would never take any move to secure the interests of the other nations and are rather after looting the wealth of them and humiliating the other nations, reiterating, “Keeping in mind such historic experiences, we need to construct our countries side by side of one another and relying on our own nations’ hard work and perseverance.”

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that the pressure imposed by big powers has provided a unique opportunity for the Iranian nation to achieve noticeable advancement in scientific, technological, industrial, commercial, and agricultural fields, adding, “We are now ready to share our experience in such fields with our brethren.”

Referring to the bad economic situation of the United States once again, Ahmadinejad predicted that the U.S. statesmen would in their bid to save their economy pay attention to Africa in near future and try to loot the African nations’ wealth more than ever before, IRNA reported.

He further elaborated, “Taking a look at the scene of the election campaign of that country easily shows that they are after getting access to cheap sources of energy and other wealth of the other nations in order to let themselves survive for a longer while, which is why nations should remain alert not get harmed in the aftermath of the probable malicious events due to the ailing U.S. economy.”

The president emphasized, “Of course these powers have got so weak today that relying on some resistance and wisdom it is possible to negate their planning against our nations.”

The President of Zanzibar’s revolutionary government, too, said during the meeting that his country attaches special importance to relations with Iran, asking for expansion of comprehensive relations at all possible fields.

He said that he was deeply impressed having learned about what Iran has achieved in various fields, reiterating, “The Iranian nation has proved that it is a very serious people that can achieve peaks of advancement despite serious pressure and tough sanctions.”

President Karume emphasized that the big powers’ planning for exertion of their hegemony over weak nations dates back to centuries ago, while they are still moving in the same direction, reiterating, relying on remaining united with one another and resistance we can dismantle their plots and disturb their plans.”

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