Jalili: Afghan Insecurity a Bush Product

A05233316.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili has expressed his concerns over the mounting instability in Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan’s occupiers have endangered security in the country, contributed to deterioration of the economic downfall and multiplied unemployment rate,” Jalili, told Burhanuddin Rabbani, Afghanistan’s former president.

Jalili said the instability and insecurity in the war-torn country were the results of the Bush Administration’s failed policies in the region.

He also referred to the profound cultural and historical bonds shared by the Iranians and Afghans and said that “historical and cultural ties have strengthened solidarity among the two nations.”

Rabbani, for his part, urged all factions in Afghanistan to put aside their prejudice and unite against occupying forces, saying that solidarity among Afghans is the only path for the development of the country, press tv reported.

The leader of Islamic Society of Afghanistan (Jamiat-e Islami Afghanistan) pointed to the efforts by the enemies to spread discord among Muslims and said, “Muslims should thwart conspiracies through unity and convergence.”

He also briefed Jalili about the latest developments in Afghanistan and thanked Tehran for its role in establishing security, stability and reconstruction in Afghanistan.

Burhanuddin Rabbani, 68, took office in 1992, but was forced to step down, after Taliban took over the capital Kabul in 1996.

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