Jordan Terms Iran Key Player in Middle-East

A02982925.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Jordan said Iran plays a key role in establishing security in the Middle East and is also influential in fighting against terrorism.

“Iran has played an important role in improving the security conditions in Iraq,” Jordanian Interior Minister Eid Al Fayez was quoted by press tv as saying on Thursday on the sidelines of the fifth meeting of interior ministers of Iraq’s neighboring countries.

He also suggested that all Muslim nations adopt parliamentary legislation to allow suspects to be detained without a court order, claiming that such laws help efforts to combat terrorism.

Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordan, who was also present at the event, cited Israel as the main source of the current instability in the region and inside Iraq.

“While it is the US military that is present in Iraq, its mission is designated by Israelis,” he said.

The Fifth Meeting of Interior Ministers of Iraq’s Neighboring Countries, which kicked off on Thursday, sees discussions on various issues, including intelligence sharing on anti-terrorism operations, Iraq border control and measures against smuggling.

The interior ministers of Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey and Iraq have attended the meeting.

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