Iran to US: Release kidnapped diplomats

shirsoleiman200810270908461871.jpgIran has deplored the violation of the rights of three kidnapped Iranian diplomats by US forces in Iraq, calling for their release.

“Iran attaches significant importance to the international conventions which give immunity to diplomats and diplomatic missions and condemns any violation of the immunity law,” said Eshaq Ale-Habib, Envoy to Iran’s permanent mission at UN.

Addressing the audience at the sixth committee of the UN General Assembly, Ale-Habib proclaimed Tehran’s serious concerns over the organized and continuous violation of Iranian diplomats’ immunity in Iraq.

American forces raided the Iranian consulate in Iraq’s Kurdish city of Arbil in northern Iraq on January 11, 2007, detaining three Iranian employees.

The official enumerated several other violent and illegal actions of the American and British forces against Iranian diplomats in the war-ravaged country.

The Arbil incident was part of a US intelligence and military operation against the Islamic Republic. The US military later justified the aggression, claiming the American forces had conducted “routine security operations” in the area.

Iran immediately lodged a protest at the United Nations against the detainment, calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Iranian diplomats from the US custody.

The Iranian envoy commended the Iraqi government’s efforts for the resolution of the case. He however called on Iraqi authorities to do their best to secure the release of the Iranian diplomats.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran expects the Iraqi officials to spare no efforts to guarantee the immediate release of the kidnapped Iranian diplomats.”

He termed the aggressive action against the Iranian consulate in Iraq as the violation of the international laws and conventions, saying such hostile actions would not only violate the sovereignty of Iraq, but also put the diplomatic immunity in jeopardy.

The United States and Britain are tasked for the unequivocal violation of international laws and Washington must adopt immediate measures to release the three Iranian consulate’s employees and compensate for the losses, Ale-Habib concluded.


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