MPs to Discuss Electorac Code Changes

The Parliament at its 27th session Monday will resume the debate on draft law on changes and supplements to the Electoral Code.

The necessity for adopting the changes was elaborated by Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski, who said that almost all presidential runoff elections so far were marred by irregularities and incidents, that “were motivated
by the obligation to meet the census of at least 50% turnout.”

– The OSCE/ODIHR report on the 2006 elections, referring to the legal framework, reads – the condition prescribed by the Constitution under which over 50% of the registered voters should cast their vote in the runoff have to be invalidated in order the possibility of failed elections to be avoided, stressed Manevski.

Agenda also includes draft decision on sending of unit of the Army of Republic of Macedonia – medical team in peacekeeping mission of the EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina EUFOR-ALTHEA, draft decisions on open public competition announcement for the post of Deputy Director of Directorate for Personal Data Protection, reallocation of resources among budget users of central authority and among the funds.

MPs will also discuss draft laws on changes and supplements to the Law on Stock Markets of Agricultural-Food Products, Law on Concessions and other types of public private partnership, Law on Sanitary and Health Inspection.

This session also includes draft resolution on resolving the name dispute of the Republic of Macedonia. sk/fd/9:18



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