Deputy FM Confers with Estonian FM

A02019335.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy FM in Europe Affairs Mehdi Safari, who is visiting Finland and Estonia heading a delegation, conferred with Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet in Tallinn Wednesday.

Safari during his one day visit to Tallinn, capital of Estonia, met separately with foreign minister, deputy FM as well as chairman of Estonia’s Chamber of Commerce.

In the meeting with FM, Safari expressed Iran’s readiness to develop bilateral ties with Estonia and European Union as well, in which Estonia is a member.

He pointed out, “Statistics indicates clearly that in spite of illegal resolutions and unjust sanctions against Iran, because of Iranian insistence on their legitimate rights to use peaceful nuclear energy, Tehran’s trade ties with the Asian countries, which have substituted European countries, have increased.

Safari added the main loser in this case is the EU which imposed a number of sanctions beyond resolutions against Iran, while Iran is a market of 72 million people, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

In another meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Hari Tido, Safari introduced a number of Iran’s abilities in the field of export as well as tourist attractions and expressed hope that, with his counterpart visit to Tehran, bilateral relations can develop.

Tido by referring to the traditional influence of Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Estonia had dispatched peace keeping forces, underlined, “We are fully aware of Iran’s important and constructive role in establishment of political stability in Iraq and

He also expressed hope that he would be able to pay a visit to Iran in near future.

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