Iranian FM Meets Top N. Korean Officials

A02019334.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Wednesday met separately in Pyongyang with North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) Chairman Choe Thae Bok, President of the Presidium Kim Yong Nam, his counterpart Pak Ui Chun, and Foreign Trade Minister Li Kwang-gun.

In his talks with Choe, Mottaki stated Tehran is inclined to take new steps in expanding ties with North Korea.

Choe also extended an invitation to Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani for a visit to Pyongyang.

In his meeting with North Korean Foreign Trade Minister Li Kwang-gun, Mottaki said Iran and North Korea enjoy close ties.

“The relations between the two countries have always been based on friendship and cooperation, and we have been together in hard conditions,” Tehran Times quoted him as saying.

Mottaki added, “Our views on a variety of regional and international issues are the same and we are against unilateralism.”

He made a reference to the recent economic crisis throughout the glob, saying, “We believe the economic system which dominates the world should not be unjust and the current global (economic) crisis is the result of the unjust system dominating the world.”

Mottaki also praised the current level of relations between Iran and North Korea, adding, “We are inclined to take new steps in bilateral relations.”

Kwang-gun, for his part, welcomed the expansion of ties with Iran.

“Cooperation with Iran is a priority which has always been, and still is, emphasized by our leaders.”

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