Cleric Dismisses Change in US Policy

TEHRAN (FNA)- It would be credulous to trust the next US administration to fulfill its promises to change its strategy towards the Middle East, a cleric said.

“The society should know that it is foolish to think that a change in the US governing body will change the country’s strategy towards us,” Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Alamolhoda said in reference to US President-elect Barak Obama’s vows that he will make a fundamental change in the US strategies.

He said all US governments have adopted a single strategy towards Iran and that is “undermining Islam” and “toppling the Islamic Republic system”, thus hoping for a change in this strategy is foolish.

Obama, during his campaign for presidency, said he will sit down with Iranian officials without preconditions to resolve the prolonged disputes between the two nations.

According to MNA, Alamolhoda criticized certain Iranian officials who say Obama should be given a chance to end the United States’ hostility towards the Islamic Republic.

“What is this opportunity for?” he asked. “Do you want to give him (Obama) a chance in the area of making threats” against Iran?

Elsewhere in his remarks, Alamolhoda called on Basij volunteer forces to fight against the “enemies’ soft war” against the Islamic system.

The cleric made the remarks in an address to worshippers at Friday prayers on the eve of the Week of Basij (mobilization of volunteer forces).

He reiterated a statement by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about Basiji forces, saying, “Basij is a reality that gives hope to friends and creates fear for enemies.”

Alamolhoda called Basij a popular group which should have an active role in all spheres and defend the country against the enemies’ plots.

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