Jordan activists mull legal war against Israel

AMMAN, Jan. 9 – Jordan’s activists has mulled a legal war against Israel in light of its intensive offensive against the Gaza Strip which has claimed over 700 lives there, local daily The Jordan Times reported on Friday.

Representatives from 20 civil societies and law schools in the kingdom met Tuesday and discussed the legal aspects in regard to Israel’s brutal crimes against Gaza people and its continuous human rights violations since it started the aggression, said National Center for Human Rights (NCHR) Chairman Adnan Badran at a press conference Thursday.

Badran, whose organization is spearheading the campaign, said the activists would work on three tracks.

The first is to pressure UN Security Council member states and the human rights council and other countries signatory to international human rights conventions to hold Israeli leaders accountable for the unjustified use of excessive force against civilians in Gaza.

“We addressed the government through the foreign minister to demand the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issue an urgent order forcing the Israeli government to stop its aggression and collective punishment against the Palestinian people based on the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,” Badran said.

The chairman said that the civil society representatives also decided to work for the formation of a grassroots court to try Israeli leaders for their responsibility in the killing and wounding of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

In the long run, Badran said the third track entails efforts to form a special ad hoc committee tasked with documenting the Israeli crimes wherever and whenever they are committed to be used as evidence before the ICJ against Israel.

At least 763 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3,200 others wounded in Israel’s military strikes targeted at Hamas in the Gaza Strip since Dec. 27 of 2008, according to Palestinian medical officials.

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