Leader’s policies regarding 5th Plan our guideline, says Jannati

Tehran substitute Friday prayers leader said here Friday Supreme Leader’s guidelines on the Fifth 5-Year Development Plan open a predictable future before our eyes and if, God willing, they would be pursued, we would be successful in achieving 20-Year Vision Document objectives.

Delivering his second sermon to thousands of Tehrani worshipers at central campus of Tehran University, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati added, “We are after comprehensive development of Islamic Iran and these policies are devised to facilitate the human beings’ progress towards growth and perfection around the axis of the truth and justice, at a society based on Islamic and evolutionary values, while observing social and economic justice.”

The Secretary of the Guardians Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution reiterated, “The heads of the three branches of power are responsible for arranging for consultation sessions and the establishment of various headquarters aimed at surveying these policies, seeking appropriate strategies and devising proper plans to implement them.”

Referring to some of the headlines of the general policies devised by the Supreme Leader, Jannati said, “Increasing the research budget to 3% of the gross national product (GNP) amount, increasing the capacity of universities’ post graduate courses by 20%, decreasing the people’s share of healthcare services by 30%, decreasing the income gap between the high and low deciles of the social groups and decreasing the unemployment rate down to 7% are among devised guidelines in this policy.”

Elsewhere in his sermon, the interim Friday prayers leader of Tehran referred to the catastrophic Gaza status, arguing, “The Iranian Government and nation have acted very appropriately in support of the innocent people of Gaza in the course of the past 20 days’ invasion against them that has resulted in martyrdom and wounding of six thousand people.”

Jannati said, “Our government has made the highest investment in that respect and continually sent messages and envoys to various countries, while our parliament speaker has in his meetings with his counterparts from various countries asked for broader attention to and Gaza issue support for the Palestinians.”

He referred to the nonchalance of the Islamic countries to Gaza issue, arguing, “Shame on the Islamic countries that have neither any faith, nor any bravery, nor any manhood, nor the required legitimacy and popularity among their nations, and worst than all there are the Saudi Arabia and Egypt, one of which is a US puppet regime and the other one an ally of Israel.”

This week’s Tehran Friday preacher added, “The heads of those countries should fear their nations’ upraising and the wrath of God that would threaten their reign.”

Jannati said that both Egypt and Saudi Arabia refrained from participation at the Arab League emergency meeting on Gaza to break the official majority limit of that body and they also asked the other countries not to attend that session, so in a world with so many corrupt powers and so many supporters for the corruption, we shoulder a very heavy responsibility.

He referred to the defeat of Israel and the victory of the Lebanese Hezbollah, spiritually influenced by the Islamic Republic, at the end of the 33-Day War there, expressing hope that as the Supreme Leader has predicted, “The victory celebration of Hamas would be held in Holy Qods.”


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