Leader’s Aide Felicitates Iraq on Successful Elections

a03105116TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader’s Adviser Ali Akbar Velayati, in a meeting with Iraqi National Security Advisor Muwafaq Al Rubaie, congratulated the Iraqi nation and government on the successful holding of the country’s recent provincial council elections.

Velayati, who arrived in Baghdad Saturday, reiterated that the massive turnout of Iraqi people in the elections was an indication of their vigilance and sensitivity towards their country’s fate, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Millions of Iraqis voted in provincial elections on 30 January, in a largely violence-free test for a nation struggling to emerge from years of sectarian strife.

About 15 million people were eligible to vote to elect councils in 14 of Iraq’s 18 provinces.

Iraqi National Security Advisor Muwafaq Al Rubaie, for his part, called for expansion of Tehran-Baghdad relations in all fields.

Rubaie had also stressed earlier on Saturday that Iraq is much pleased with Iran’s launching of Omid (Hope) data-processing national satellite.

The satellite called Omid (Hope) was launched early on Tuesday after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave the order to proceed.

Omid was sent into space by the Iranian-produced satellite carrier Safir 2 (Ambassador-2) rocket, which is an upgraded model of carrier Safir 1.

Rubaie also said that Baghdad is by no means concerned over Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

Tehran has assured Baghdad of the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, the senior Iraqi Official said.

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