New Rightist Coalition Forming in Bulgaria

A new rightist coalition is being formed in Bulgaria, as parliamentary parties Union of the Democratic Forces (SDS) and Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) are in an advanced stage of the talks among them, Sunday.

DSB’s Ivan Ivanov said at a party conference in Plovdiv, that the final decision is to be made public on March 10th. SDS and DSB have however already agreed on the key principles of such an union. The two have also initiated talks with other smaller political formations in Bulgaria’s right-wing political space.

Sociological polls give both parties around 2.5% support which is well under the 4% bar for entry in the Bulgarian Parliament and the 6% bar for the European Parliament. The same polls however show that if united, the parties would receive over 6%, more than the technical combination of their results alone.

According to Ivanov the goal is to achieve a big enough presence of the classical rightist Bulgarian parties from the 90’s in the next Parliament, that would also be enough to form a majority and a Cabinet together with Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov’s GERB, that currently leads opinion polls with 30%.

It is our duty to cure Bulgaria from the damage the current three way coalition government dealt to the country, said Ivanov.

Meanwhile SDS leader Martin Dimitrov asked citizen’s forgiveness on the behalf of the party. Sunday was the Bulgarian holiday Sirni Zagovezni when the young are supposed to ask forgiveness from the old.

According to him the party had done much for the country, but not enough.

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