Ukrainian diplomat was buying Romanian military secrets for $ 800

Romania declared an arrest warrant of Romanian non-commissioned officer and Bulgarian citizen on charges of espionage in behalf on Ukraine.

According to information of radio Liberty, this military, Floricel Achim, within 2002-2007 years were obtaining military documents from office computers, being secrets of state, whose unauthorized dissemination can pose a threat to national security and defense of Romania.

The question was about information on Defense Communication Systems, radars’ frequencies, NATO maps, schemes and other military information. Obtained information was transmitted by the military to his comrade, Bulgarian citizen Petar Zikulov.

Zikulov said the prosecutors, that these information had been received by an unknown “representative of Ukraine in Bucharest”, who had expressed a wish to get military information for $800-1000.

The speaker of Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has already declared that the detained Bulgarian citizen could operate as a private individual and in any case did not represent Bulgaria.

On March, 3, the Party of Regions member Inna Bohoslovskaya declared at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine that on March, 2, the Ukrainian military attaché had been deported from Romania and declared the person non-grata in Bucharest.

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