Bulgaria’s freedom is not accidental historical present: President

Sofia. Bulgaria’s freedom is not an accidental historical present, President Georgi Parvanov said in his speech at the national holiday commemorating ceremony, Focus News Agency reported.

Bulgarians did not wait for their freedom; they fought for it. The freedom arrived because the deeds of the apostles, the prominent bloody song of the April Epopee, attracted the public attention, he said.

The war returned Bulgaria to the European political map, he highlighted.

From today’s point of view we have grounds to confirm then opinion that Russo-Turkish War is one of the most honest and fair wars. The war that brings rescue to a decent people that has suffered a lot from the five-century yoke, the President said.

The Treaty of San Stefano, which we honor, is preliminary and later its clauses are severely and unfairly revised. Still, the most important remains – a liberated Bulgaria with a chance for an independent development, President Parvanov stressed.

He noted Bulgaria had not forgotten the people who gave their lives for its freedom.

We have received support from many public figures worldwide, he said.

The ceremony is attended also by Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev, National Assembly Speaker Georgi Pirinski, officials with the General Staff of Bulgarian Armed Forces, ministers, MPs, public figures and citizens.

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