Romanians to Enjoy Bigger Old Age Pensions

resizer3Starting from the first day in April, pensions in Romania are to increase by 3 per cent.

The announcement came as good news for retired people, estimated at around 5.8 million people out of 21,5 million.

The financial situation of retired people in Romania is often dire, as the majority of pensions are close to the minimum salary in Romania of around 250 euro a month.

Old people from rural areas tend to have the lowest pensions of all, as they worked in agriculture and their salaries were low. Many worked their own land and don’t have rights to social security or pensions at all.

Another problem facing retired people is buying medicines. The amount of money designated by the state for free medicines for the elderly is never enough to meet demand.

However, announcements that the price of imported medicines are to fall by an average of 10 per cent should help.

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