Romania to hold sculpture expo in RI

INDONESIA: The Romanian Embassy is organizing an exhibition focusing on sculptures in Jakarta this week, the embassy said in a press release.

“The exhibition, titled Soul & Light, will open Tuesday and will end on April 20. This is the first time our embassy has organized an exhibition,” the Romanian Embassy’s deputy head of mission Alex Iancu told The Jakarta Post on Friday. 

During the two-week long exhibition, artifacts from Romania’s renowned artist Elena Surdust Nescu will be displayed at the French Cultural Center in Jakarta, Alex said.

It is the first time this artist has visited Indonesia or Southeast Asia. She has carefully selected her works to fit the concept of dialogue and cultural exchange between the East and the West.

“Torsos tell the century-old story of sculpture: faces gaze with big, almond-shaped eyes, forms that link the West to the Orient,” Nescu said.

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