Decan’s Monastery on Kosovo Postage Stamps

resizer91Kosovo’s Philately issued a new postage stamp picturing the Monastery of Decan.

Decan’s monastery, located near Peja is considered by art historians as one of the greatest sites of Kosovo’s cultural heritage.

The monastery is built in the 13 century corresponding to the Christian Orthodox legacy, and is considered one of the most prominent constructions in Medieval Europe. 

Many monasteries and other sites of cultural Orthodox importance were burnt by local Albanians in the March riots of 2004. Since then, the issue of cultural heritage has become a very important issue for local and international authorities in Kosovo.

UN Special Envoy to Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, whose efforts sought the road for Kosovo’s independence also envisioned protection for cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo.

Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in February 17, 2008, is currently issuing its new postage stamps.

Earlier this year, it announced two other new postage stamps with the figures of Adem Jashari, a prominent KLA commander, and William Walker, former OSCE envoy to Kosovo. The latter, a prominent official who was witness to the ‘Racak incident’ in 1999, in which the bodies of 45 Albanians were discovered by OSCE monitors.

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