Romania Assumes Deadline for New Codes

By mid-May, Romania’s ruling coalition has decided to adopt new Criminal and Civil Codes.

Romania’s ruling coalition has decided to adopt, by mid-May, new Criminal and Civil Codes. On Wednesday, the center-right Democratic Party and its ruling partner, the Social Democracy Party, decided that the procedures will be voted on later this year, in the fall.

Both parties decided that the Government will not take a vote of confidence, and assume responsibility over the codes.

At present, the new Criminal and Civil Codes are being debated by judicial commissions from the Parliament, but many of their changes have sparked controversy in Romania. Among the most controversial proposals up for legislation is the legalisation of prostitution, and the non-prosecution of consenting adults for in cases of incest.

Furthermore, Romanian non-governmental organizations are unhappy with the lack of public debate on the new legal codes and may take the Government to court for breaking the Law on Transparency. NGOs are claiming that the legal codes now being discussed in the Parliament are “unclear, abusive and undemocratic.”

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