Bosnian Serbs defy High Representative Inzko

BANJA LUKA, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Republika Srpska (RS) Prime Minister Milorad Dodik on Tuesday (June 9th) rejected calls by High Representative Valentin Inzko for the RS parliament to withdraw its resolution on transferring powers from the entity to BiH.

Dodik said that even if Inzko annuls the resolution, Bosnian Serbs will continue to apply it. Inzko maintains that RS’s efforts violate both the Dayton Peace Agreement and BiH’s Constitution.

He has urged the entity’s parliament to withdraw its decision by Thursday. The resolution obliges RS’s institutions and officials to oppose any future transfer of powers to the state. Bosnian Serbs have strongly opposed any effort to restrict their autonomy and centralise power.

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