Bulgarian frontier police to get tough with illegal Greek farm imports

08025879Mobile frontier police units at the Kulata border crossing points have been doubled and are operational round-the-clock to thwart illegal imports of fruits and vegetables from Greece. The latest development was announced by the Bulgarian finance and deputy prime minister Simeon Dyankov.

“These are some of the measures which the new government will take to protect local farmers in Petrich and elsewhere,” he said. Furthermore, he said that tax collectors will be conducting surveillance, making sure that companies importing produce from Greece are legitimate, that they are not phantoms and that they have fulfilled their tax obligations to the state.

Additionally, the mobile police units will be escorted by representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, specifically from the Market Control and Surveillance branch.

This unit is tasked to check specifically on Greek products, as well as Macedonian ones, “to ensure that Greek produce complies with Bulgarian quality control”.

“Those mobile units will be further reinforced. The task is to stop every single lorry from Greece that we suspect is illegitimate, or ferrying sub-standard produce,” Dyankov has said.

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