Ethnos, Greece: Skopje attacked over issue with Bulgaria

ATHENS, Greece

After the Bulgarians, Menduh Thaci too will demand that FYROM’s accession to NATO be halted but this time by Albania, the Greek newspaper Ethnos reports. The leader of the Democratic Part of Albanians (DPA) announced that over the next several days he would visit Sofia and meet with the new Bulgarian government headed by Boyko Borisov. Thaci also stated he intended at his next meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha to request that the procedure for Skopje’s accession to the Alliance be blocked.

In Thaci’s words his decision had been prompted by the policy adopted by FYROM’s government, which has caused the country’s isolation from its neighbours as well as permanent discrimination of Albanians in all spheres of life, Ethnos reports. Last week Thaci met with Berisha. Even back then Thaci was considering whether to table the issue of blocking Macedonia’s accession but eventually changed his mind.

DPA leader’s visit to Bulgaria has assumed special significance while the crisis between Skopje and Sofia has not yet been overcome, Ethnos reports. The US Ambassador to Skopje too meddled in the case. Asked about Bulgaria’s threat to veto FORYM’s accession to NATO and the EU, he said that problems must be resolved in diplomatic manner.
“The US continues to support the country in the procedure for full-fledged accession to NATO and the US” the Ambassador stated adding that Skopje must not create over nothing.

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