60 000 applications for Bulgarian citizenship to be considered

SOFIA, Bulgaria

There are about 60 000 applications for Bulgarian citizenship in the Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate with the Ministry of Justice. Applications from 2006 would also be considered. This is what was noted in ministry’s analysis.

Strict observation of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act and procedures on it has been at the basis of Directorate’s work. Accumulation of applications for Bulgarian citizenship, which number has increased after Bulgaria’s accession in the EU, has been allowed over the years.
In reference to the speed up of applications’ approve as of August 7 the deputy justice minister Zhaneta Petrova would made analysis of the whole procedure on getting Bulgarian citizenship so concrete measures to be taken.

The message is in reference to the publications in the media the procedure on getting Bulgarian citizenship is slow and the citizens have to wait for several years their application to be approved and that there is corruption in different departmental sectors.

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