Bulgaria: PM promises legislative amendments to ease Interior Ministry work

SOFIA, Bulgaria

Employees in the Ministry of Interior who do their job could develop in their career, said Prime Minister (PM) Boyko Borisov during news conference in the Ministry of Interior. According to the PM the new government would not allow purges.

Working groups between the Ministry of Interior- State Agency for National Security (SANS), Ministry of Interior-Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Interior-Ministry of Justice have prepared package of acts, which would be considered and voted in the Parliament as fast as possible, he said.

“The society expects the authority of the Ministry of Interior and the respect of the policeman to rise but if they (policemen) want this to happen and their salaries to be risen first they have to show they deserve it and I hope it would become fact within the next months – starting from the traffic in the capital city Sofia and big cities, motorways, daily control and of course those traffic policemen who are involved in corruption and shame us to be revealed”, Borisov said. The interior ministry must also fight drug trafficking.

“My and Parliament’s engagement is to make such legislative amendments that would ease the work in the interior ministry, starting from the municipal police, pawnshops, SIM cards without address-everything that stands in police’s way to be effective enough.

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