Jose Barroso: Sofia has Brussels’ trust


Congratulations on his decisiveness to deal with corruption, encouragement for the key reforms, and a credit of trust – this is what the European Commission’s Chairman Jose Barroso gave Prime Minister Boyko Borisov during his first visit to Brussels on September 10. Barroso promised to submit Bulgaria’s request for an additional 300 million Euro in compensation for the two suspended reactors of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

Bulgaria has to be part of the common energy market and can contribute to Europe’s energy safety, Jose Barroso also emphasized to the Bulgarian Prime Minister. It became clear after their meeting that there is a possibility for the construction of Belene Nuclear Power Plant to be cofounded by Euratom upon the government’s decision. The documents on joint energy projects with Russia will be sent to Brussels so that we can hear the opinion of out European partners, said the prime minister.

Many people in Bulgaria are too eager to give away billions of euros, was his comment on the careless approach taken in the discussion of funds for the completion of the new nuclear capacity in the country. Prime Minister Borisov expressed his satisfaction with the evaluation of the government’s work. The trust given to us by the European Commission and its Chairman commit and oblige us to do even more, Borisov pointed out.

GERB’s EU MEPs will support Jose Barroso in running for a second mandate as a common ENP nomination, since the priorities envisaged in Barroso’s programme are close to the priorities of the Bulgarian government, the Prime Minister added. A day before his meeting with Jose Barroso, the Bulgarian Prime Minister talked to the Chairman of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek. At their meeting, Borisov assured the EP Chairman that each euro sent to Bulgaria will be protected. According to him, many more changes are to come in Bulgaria and the government is already actively working on making them happen.

The prime minister expressed his gratitude for the support of the European institutions to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people, which do not deserve for years on end to be called the poorest and most corrupted one in Europe, He reminded that the attitude to Poland following its EU accession was similar, but the country managed to restore its reputation. Borisov congratulated Buzek on being elected EP Chairman and expressed his satisfaction that for the first time a representative of a country from the former Eastern block has taken such a high EU position.

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