Bulgaria looks for lobby among EU states for extension of Schengen financial facility

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Supreme Judicial Council are connected as far as the implementation of the measures under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism is concerned, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Rumyana Zheleva said during a meeting with Supreme Judicial Council representatives.

Zheleva noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Supreme Judicial Council should cooperate to achieve better results.Thanks to the government’s strategy and tactics the danger of binding the CVM with the fulfillment of Bulgaria’s Schengen commitments has been averted, she said.

Minister Zheleva says the foreign ministry established the practice of sending letters to EU ambassadors every month, notifying them about the country’s progress as far as the CVM is concerned.

“I believe Bulgaria will have a place in the EU only when there is trust in the country,” she said.

The foreign ministry is working not only on the CVM, but also on Bulgaria’s joining the Schengen Area.

“We are quite aware that the country’s preparation for joining the Schengen Area is connected with the progress in justice and home affairs,” Minister Zheleva said.
Our aim is to join the Schengen Area in 2011, she underlined.

“We are looking for a lobby among the EU member states for the extension of Bulgaria’s Schengen financial facility. We insist before the European Commission and are searching for support for the extension of the financial facility deadline,” the minister said.

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