Bulgarian MEP to Macedonian FM on military monuments: You gave promise, but did not keep it

At a session of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament, which was attended by Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, the Bulgarian MEP from the Group of the Socialists and Democrats in the EP Evgeni Kirilov raised the issue of the Bulgarian military cemeteries and monuments in Macedonia, the press service of the socialists in the EP announced.

Evgeni Kirilov reminded the minister about his visit to Macedonia in April this year, together with Nikolay Mladenov (former MEP from the European People’s Party and incumbent Bulgarian defense minister).

“During that visit we were shocked by the condition of the Bulgarian military monuments and cemeteries in Macedonia,” Kirilov told the other members on the foreign affairs committee.

He added the Bulgarian MEPs were diplomatic enough and did not voice their outrage in the Macedonian press, especially after receiving the assurance of Minister Milososki and Deputy PM Ivica Bocevski that the issue would be solved within weeks. Evgeni Kirilov asked for an explanation why Minister Milososki did not kept his promise and there was no development on the issue.

The Macedonian foreign minister responded, saying that since Macedonia’s independence was declared till now considerable progress had been made and several monuments had already been restored. He highlighted this was a technical matter and should not be politicized. He believes both Macedonia and Bulgaria suffered from the Cold War stereotypes. He urges that the issue is left to the experts and professionals in the area, because when politicians get involved, difficulties and complications occur.

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