Montenegrin PM doesn’t want “Kosovo shadow”

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said that Montenegro and Serbia “need to step out of the shadow of Kosovo”.

“Differing relations towards Kosovo hinder our relations today. We understand Serbia and we are sorry about the problem it finds itself in because of this. And we believe that we are interpreting it rightly that this kind of epilogue was certain to be the outcome of the Kosovo problem,” Đukanović said.

”We must talk more, build our relations on trust, we must have more intensive contact in order to modernize and accommodate our relations as two close countries and cooperate on the current moment and a better future, which I believe has begun for our countries and our people. Montenegro is ready for that,” Đukanović said.

He said that he believed that the arrival of the new Montenegrin ambassador to Serbia “could be a step in the smarter direction”.

The Montenegrin government last fall recognized the Kosovo Albanian secession declaration, which resulted in its ambassador being expelled from Serbia.

Đukanović did not specify when his country might exchange ambassadors with the Kosovo Albanian government in Priština.

“When a country is recognized, then the next logical step is to initiate diplomatic relations. There is no speculation there. That should not be a surprise for anyone,” said he.

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