Catherine Ashton: “Western Balkans one of EU priorities”

EU Foreign Policy High Representative Catherine Ashton says the future of Western Balkans will be one of the priorities of her activities.

Ashton also and pointed out that she wants for the whole region to progress towards the Union in the future.

In a speech before MPs of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (EP), she characterized visa abolishment for citizens of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia as a positive step, and described the political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina as complex.

“Visa liberalization is a positive step for the three countries. When it comes to Bosnia, we should find a more effective strategy that will improve the country’s current position,” Ashton underlined.

The new high representative for the EU foreign affairs stressed that her priorities will be to strengthen the Union and to assume a more credible role of the EU in the world.

Her appearance before the EP marked the beginning of the hearing of the commissioners designate which will last until January 19.

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