Hague: Šešelj trial set to continue

After an 11-month break, the trial before the Hague Tribunal of Serb Radical Party (SRS) leader Vojislav Šešelj continues on Tuesday.

Šešelj is accused of war crimes against non-Serbs in Croatia, Vojvodina and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The prosecution is expected to bring out its last witness in the case, and the trial chamber has also called six witnesses.

Since Šešelj stated earlier that he would not be presenting the defense evidence, the trial could be coming to an end soon with closing statements from the prosecution and defense following the prosecution and chamber’s witnesses.

Šešelj’s trial began in November 2007 and was halted in February of last year after a witness stated that he was being threatened.

The tribunal investigated these claims, though the findings of the investigation were not releases to the public or Šešelj.

Šešelj has been in the custody of the Hague Tribunal since February 2003, after he voluntarily traveled to The Hague.

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