Former czech negotiator visiting Moldova

The former Chief Negotiator for the Czech Republic’s accession to the European Union, the first Czech European Commissar in the Romano Prodi Cabinet, Pavel Telicka, has arrived for a three-day visit to Moldova on Wednesday.

Association for External Policy (APE), which is realizing in Moldova a project of using other countries’ European integration experience, the Czech guest will hold meetings with Moldovan politicians, governmental officials, non-governmental organizations, diplomats, journalists, students to discuss European integration problems with them.

The project is being implemented with the financial assistance provided by the European Initiative Program of the Soros Foundation Moldova. In the project’s frame, Moldova is visited by the ex-negotiators of the countries that were admitted to the European Union last several years. Moldova has already welcomed such guests from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Though Moldova’s European perspectives have not yet been officially confirmed, Brussels presumes that the new EU members’ negotiation experience should be very important and interesting for EU membership seekers.

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