Serbia- Dačić urges agreement on resolutions

Ivica Dačić says his party is not against a resolution about the Srebrenica crime but that it should also condemn all crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia.

Dačić, who is first deputy PM and interior minister in the current cabinet, is the leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).

“The idea is to speak about all crimes and all victims, including the crime in Srebrenica. Whether one or two resolutions will be adopted depends on the text that will be prepared in the future,“ Dačić said.

He stated that SPS was hoping that an agreement would be reached with as many parties as possible, since as he said that was “not an issue of the government and opposition but a state issue”.

“We were never against such a resolution but it was our opinion that it was wrong to adopt only a Srebrenica resolution, and that it should condemn all crimes in the former Yugoslavia, regardless of the perpetrators and victims,“ he concluded.

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