Slovak FM: Kosovo solution “within region”

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčak said that the solution for the Kosovo problem needs to be found within the region.

He confirmed once again that he had “no ambitions of personally offering a plan for solving the Kosovo problem”.

“For me it is important for the European Union to be active regarding these questions and to look at the regional, not only the individual context related to every country,” Lajčak said.

Asked how the Kosovo problem might be solved in the context of European integrations, when some countries such as Slovakia have not recognized it, while others have, Lajčak said that the answer to this question “must be found within the region”.

“If the regional atmosphere changes, if there is better communication, then it will be very simple for other countries as well. Our national stance is known, but it is not hostile towards the residents of Kosovo. We are present there diplomatically, through our soldiers, police and development help,” the Slovak minister said.

He added that every EU member-state chooses its own system and relations, adding that “what we want is to see regional cooperation and communication. Because it will be hard to speak seriously about ambitions within Europe if there is no normal communication between neighbors.”

Lajčak said that the EU Council of Ministers talked about “the need to deal with the region of the Western Balkans, but nothing particular was said.”

“We talked about what issues should be put on the agenda of the Council of Ministry meeting that will be held next month. One of them was related to the Western Balkans,” he said.

Lajčak said that it would not be good for the Western Balkans to “approach the European Union unprepared”, adding that the region “must finish its part of the job first”.

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