EU offers Serbia a joint resolution on Kosovo

The European Union offers Serbia to draw up together a resolution to be submitted to the UN General Assembly shortly after the International Court of Justice renders its opinion on Kosovo.

This would be the final offer from Brussels, and Serbia has to reply by Thursday at latest, before the court renders its opinion on Kosovo’s independence.

Serbian foreign ministry has nothing against drafting a resolution in cooperation with the EU, but the ministry would insist that the draft-resolution must mention talks on the Kosovo status and that such talks would roll out in the framework of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1244.

If the EU undertakes not to proceed with new recognitions of Kosovo, Serbia would be ready to carry on with the risky and quite uncertain deal with Brussels.

The EU offers Serbia a substantial autonomy for northern Kosovo and enclaves south of Ibar River, including „Belgrade’s practical governance of territory where Serbs are in majority.“

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