Slovenian MEP Yelko Kacin: Montenegro is next to start EU entry talks

Slovenian MEP Yelko Kacin reckons that Montenegro will be the next country to start the EU accession talks unless Macedonian-Greek dispute is resolved in due time.

In an interview with Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti, Kacin said it’s important that the European Union maintains its focus on the Western Balkans once Croatia wraps up all chapters of the EU membership talks.

“If at least one country negotiates with the EU, it means a support to all other countries in the region. If Macedonia fails to reach a compromise on the name dispute, Montenegro might be the next EU candidate country to start the negotiations for EU membership,” Kacin said, noting that resolution of name dispute between Macedonia and Greece would help Macedonia join NATO and secure date for start of the EU membership talks.

Kacin hailed Montenegro’s progress towards a status of EU candidate-country.

In October 2009, the European Commission recommended the issuing of a start date for Macedonia’s EU entry talks, but the EU Council has not yet set the date because of Macedonian-Greek dispute over Macedonia’s name.

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